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A professional community management company locally owned and operated in Tucson, Arizona.

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We provide accounting, financial, ARC, and other property management services.

What is the Stratford Difference?

We offer unique community solutions to manage, maintain, and elevate your community and property values.

Customer Relationship Management
Our dedicated team integrates the needs of your Board and community to maintain and elevate your property values.
Innovative Technology
Utilizing the latest technology, we are able to maintain automatic gate systems, as well as provide in-house tech solutions.
Dedicated Community Team
We provide your community with all the necessary aspects in order to satisfy any need that may arise. From an accounting team, a community manager, and community assistant, we manage all aspects of your property.
Individualized Attention
Our team dedicates a unique email address, phone line, and web portal for each and every community we manage.
In-House Accounting
Our accounting team processes all billing and financial information from our office in Tucson, Arizona in order to provide security and timeliness.
Industry-Leading Communication
Because we are locally owned and operated, our dedicated community teams are able to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Meet Our Staff

Our Staff are the heart of our Stratford Community Team

Community Manager
Director of Management Services
Helen joined Stratford Management in 2006 as a community assistant and quickly was promoted...


Read what our satisfied clients say about the Stratford Team

I would just like to say a few words on behalf of our Community Manager. I have know her for many years and it’s a pleasure working with her. She is an outstanding representative of Stratford Management and brings a high degree of professionalism to the position. She serves the Hidden Oaks Community with caring and empathy for our residents. It’s a demanding position and her experience has enabled the board to stay focused on what matters most, taking care of the Hidden Oaks Community. Her leadership has enabled our board to accomplish more with less and stay within our limited budget. Thank you for allowing me to say a few words for this outstanding individual."
by Pablo Machado Sr.
Vice President, Hidden Oaks Homeowners Association
I have been a liaison member and a board member of the Midvale Park HOA for at least the last 10 years.  Stratford Management Co. has been very fair and is very knowledgeable about the laws concerning homeowners and their rights. They hold seminars on a regular basis that help us, the Board, understand them better also. Our community manager has always been very diligent , conscientious and timely, courteous and always straightforward with everything she has done for the Board and the Association here in Midvale Park.  She is a valuable asset to your  company."
by Janie Caldwell
Secretary, Midvale Park HOA
When we decided we were ready to switch from self-managed to a community management company, we interviewed a half dozen different companies resulting in Stratford as our #1 choice. We are now into our second year with Stratford and are more pleased with than ever. Cindy, our manager, is a delight to work with, she takes a proprietary interest in us and really cares - no matter how small or large our issues are, Cindy is always there to support us. Holly, caring & committed, is absolutely the best!  Will & everyone else at Stratford have truly made us feel valuable. We are hugely appreciative and pleased, and send our heartfelt thanks to all for all you do for us."
by Jo Ann Marcus
President, Sierra Madre Condominium Association

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Located around Tucson and the Southern Arizona area.

                            Stratford Management is solely dedicated to HOA management, and is a participating member of the following organization(s):

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