Adapting and evolving: Leveraging tools to better serve our communities

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By: James Dodson IV | February 5, 2021



Responding quickly to difficult situations is an important part of what we do as community managers, board members, and business partners. This past year brought us, among other things, a devastating pandemic and social justice movements. Thanks to member experts and resources, CAI has been there as your constant supporter, leveraging tools and resources to help our communities through these challenges.

CAI has prospered as an organization, been an industry leader, provided quality education, created passion among members, and advocated for better legislation throughout the years, and I’m confident that will continue during my tenure as CAI president.

This year, I hope to inspire you to be your best, excel in your profession, serve your clients, and nurture future managers, board members, and business partners. CAI is continually looking at ways to deliver educationprograms, and methods that enable you to make those connections and influence those around you. Whether you recognize it or not, you are part of CAI’s success.

Technology has been a driving factor of change in recent years, but the pandemic kicked that change into overdrive. Now, more than ever, balancing capital expenses for tools that enable us to excel in our new reality is as vital to your communities as it is to CAI.

For some of us, virtual meetings, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity were unfamiliar until recently, yet these tools and others help us connect with, respond to, and protect our clients, colleagues, and residents. Implementing these changes requires resiliency, financial planning, a willingness to adapt, and an understanding of our needs.

I assure you that CAI will share information on various technologies, how to assess value, when to purchase, and what to avoid. If we want to deliver in our new reality, it will include leveraging tools and technology like cloud-based operating systems, secure accounting software, and virtual camera and access systems.

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