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What our clients are saying about us:

“I would just like to say a few words on behalf of our Community Manager. I have know her for many years and it’s a pleasure working with her. She is an outstanding representative of Stratford Management and brings a high degree of professionalism to the position. She serves the Hidden Oaks Community with caring and empathy for our residents. It’s a demanding position and her experience has enabled the board to stay focused on what matters most, taking care of the Hidden Oaks Community. Her leadership has enabled our board to accomplish more with less and stay within our limited budget. Thank you for allowing me to say a few words for this outstanding individual.”

Pablo Machado Sr – Vice President for the Hidden Oaks Homeowners Association

“I have been a liaison member and a board member of the Midvale Park HOA for at least the last 10 years.  Stratford Management Co. has been very fair and is very knowledgeable about the laws concerning homeowners and their rights. They hold seminars on a regular basis that help us, the Board, understand them better also.

Our community manager has always been very diligent , conscientious and timely, courteous and always straightforward with everything she has done for the Board and the Association here in Midvale Park.  She is a valuable asset to your  company.”

Janie Caldwell – Secretary for Midvale Park HOA

“Your company website is one of the best I have seen for providing information – the more I poked around on the site the more impressed I was at how easy you make it to find info on all the associations you manage. I also liked that your site has photos and contact information for your company’s owners, managers and administrative staff – it is nice to put a face to a name and know how to reach a specific person by phone or email.”

Ron Lent for the Villas at Sabino Canyon Homeowners Association

“When we decided we were ready to switch from self-managed to a community management company, we interviewed a half dozen different companies resulting in Stratford as our #1 choice. We are now into our second year with Stratford & are more pleased with than ever.

Cindy, our manager, is a delight to work with, she takes a proprietary interest in us and really cares – no matter how small or large our issues are, Cindy is always there to support us. Holly, caring & committed, is absolutely the best!  Will & everyone else at Stratford have truly made us feel valuable.

We are hugely appreciative and pleased, and send our heartfelt thanks to all for all you do for us.”

Jo Ann Marcus – President of Sierra Madre Condominium Association

“I have been a board member for my HOA nearly 13 years and have worked with 3 different management companies, Stratford Management has been our company for the majority of this time frame. The board interviews other management companies every three years and even when others offer lower pricing, we continue our relationship with Stratford due to their continued professionalism, efficiency and care for not only the board but also the home owners. They offer continued training for us as members, and I know their staff continues their training, which betters the service for us. I have been called by others HOA board members who are investigating Stratford, and I strongly state, if you want a better neighborhood, then Stratford is your new management company without question. Peace of mind is better at any price.”

S. Nelson – Vice President for the Casas de Ventana Homeowners Association

“Communication is key…we have found Stratford Management to be available and extremely responsive to homeowner and Board concerns. As a partner for 10+ years we have watched our relationship grow to meet the needs of homeowners while continuing down a successful path with the Board. Stratford Management is there all the time for us. They are a great partner for our homeowners association.”

David Dameron – Sabino Creek Homeowners Association

“Just wanted to let you know that your “Realtor Info” section on your website is fantastic!  I always am happy to see when Stratford is the management company!”

Mary Webster – RE/MAX Majestic

“Just wanted to let you know that our manager is doing a fantastic job. Our meetings and association have never run smoother.”

Vern Pilling – Silver Pass Homeowners Association

“I feel that Stratford Management Company has done a great job of managing Coronado Condos here in Tucson. The manager we have, Edwin Ortiz, works his tail off for us, walking the property, talking to homeowners and listening to their complaints. He always tries his hardest to solve the issue so that everyone is happy. He goes out of his way to make things easier for all of us. He has been treated unfairly by some of the home owners that are spreading lies and falsehoods. When asking these homeowners to follow the CC&R rules, they don’t like it and in retaliation, spread rumors and lies. This is unfair to both Stratford and Edwin. They have been very gracious in attending meetings to meet with these homeowners to work out their issues. There is one homeowner we have set up two meetings with, which he did not show up for either one. He still continues to complain and spread lies to his neighbors. The new board has worked very hard to gain the trust of the homeowners and has been very willing to share information, asking for comments and suggestions on how to do better. I just want to clear up any doubts. We have a great board and a great management company and the community is very happy.”

Laurel Thorpe – Homeowner

“A good property management firm.”

Steve Sage

“I’m on our HOA Board in Oro Valley and Stratford has done some terrific work for us for many years. Special thanks to Teresa!!”

Robert Jennens

“We have just recently signed on with Stratford and I would like to say they are doing an outstanding job. We have had a few emergencies in our neighborhood and they responded immediately. Love the newsletter and and communications. As was mentioned previously, if you don’t like what’s happening BE A MEMBER OF YOUR BOARD AND MAKE CHANGES.”

Laurie Massee

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